Who it's for:

You are an Undergraduates or postgraduate student at a University in the United Kingdom, studying a subject assessed by essays and exams.

You want to achieve your potential, get the grade you desire and deserve and graduate successfully.

You understand the importance of a University education and you're ready to invest in yourself, your skills and your future.

You want to use the fastest and best study methods which are proven to work, instead of learning outdated techniques from other students (or Pinterest).

You want a comprehensive system you can follow, with modules of must-have skills which complement each other and gets results every time.

You are prepared to show up, do the work and practice your new University skills until you master them. You know knowledge without practice is useless. 

Who it's not for:

You're studying for a qualification other than a degree, or at an institution outside the UK. The content may be relevant, but it is tailored for UK degree students.

You are studying for a degree which is not assessed by essays and exams.

You are a non-native speaker of English with an IELTS score of below 5.5. The tutorials are easy to follow, however you'll need a good grasp of the language.

You're half-hearted and satisfied with 'good enough'. If you're not going to invest some time and effort, then please don't invest your cash.

You don't appreciate the value of lifelong skills like analysis, sound reasoning and communication. You spend money on things, but won't invest in yourself.

You want someone to do all the work for you. This is the fastest, easiest study system of its kind, but it won't work if you won't :)