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Learn University study skills quickly and easily

Achieve higher marks with no stress

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Tired of feeling overwhelmed and confused at Uni?

Does this sound FAMILIAR?

lonely and frustrated student

- You feel anxious and stressed about how to manage yourself, your time, your essays and your exams

- You feel confused because you don't know what you're meant to do or how you're meant to do it

- You feel like you waste hours rewriting your notes and reading books and articles you don't remember

- You can't figure out what tutors want in your essays or exams. You never know what mark you'll get back

- You feel alone with your struggles wonder whether you've made a dreadful mistake coming to University

It's time to get a system for your study life!

Picture this...

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- You feel in charge of your time and you’re making progress on your big study goals

- You feel calm and confident because you know what you need to do and how and when to do it

- You save time because you study effectively and efficiently and you know your system works

- You know exactly what tutors want and you can deliver it on time. You know you'll get a great mark every time.

- You have plenty of time to socialise and make friends, secure in the knowledge your study is on track

Introducing University Everything!

a self-study course which improves your study skills and helps you get better results in essays and exams

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I understand because I've been there...

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When I started University I didn't expect it to be so different from A-levels. It couldn't be that hard, right?


I didn't know what I was meant to do, how to do it or whether anyone else felt the same.

I kept my worries to myself and tried to ignore the sick feeling growing inside me. But it didn't go away. I got so anxious about completing assignments I suffered a panic attack, walked out of my first exam and wanted to quit.

That's why this isn't just another study course

I didn't quit. I turned my summer vacation into a study experiment. I tested what worked and what didn't. I researched study. And then I practiced. A lot!

I graduated in 1994 and went on to study for my MBA, Ph.D and a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education.

You will learn a comprehensive system which covers all the skills you need to know, designed to get fast results.

You'll get straight into action using video tutorials, workbooks and checklists to makeover your MINDSET, implement the best METHODS, and MASTER the skills you need.

I chose the name for the course because it literally does share everything you need to know about University study.

It's the course I wish I'd had when I first went to University!

If you're ready to ditch the confusion, you're going to love University Everything!

The course is for you if:

You are an Undergraduates or postgraduate student at a University in the United Kingdom, studying a subject assessed by essays and exams.

You want to achieve your potential, get the grade you desire and deserve and graduate successfully.

You understand the importance of a University education and you're ready to invest in yourself, your skills and your future.

You want to use the fastest and best study methods which are proven to work, instead of learning outdated techniques from other students (or Pinterest).

You want a comprehensive system you can follow, with modules of must-have skills which complement each other and gets results every time.

You are prepared to show up, do the work and practice your new University skills until you master them. You know all the knowledge in the world is useless without action. 

University Everything is made up of five modules

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Module 1 - University Everyday

How to manage your mind, your body, your time and your environment to reach peak performance without being a slave to study.

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Module 2 - University Essentials

Learn how to get the most out of lectures, seminars and tutorials through proactive preparation, great note taking and rapid reading techniques


Module 3 - University ESSAYS

Learn how to answer the question, create an outline, develop and argument and gather relevant evidence - not to mention draft, proofread and edit great essays.



Module 4 - University Exams

Learn how to excel in exams by understanding what topics to revise, revision planning, revision methods which work and great exam technique on the day.



Module 5 - University Extra

Bonus time! Learn how to shine in those important extra study and assessment activities you encounter and engage in at University such as group projects, presentations, reports and dissertations.


You'll also get this exclusive bonus:

productivity boost!

Want to know how I stay productive and get results?

In this bonus video training, I'll share with you my personal tips for staying on track and getting results:

  • How I manage and organise my day
  • My 'set-up-for-success' morning & evening routines
  • The life hacks I use to support my studies
  • The method I use to power through work

And more!

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University Everything web Graphic.jpg

Learn University study skills quickly and easily

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